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Continuing Education

Once you have your Insurance License, you have to complete a continuing education class every two years. Your license expires at the end of the month you were born. For example, if your birthday is in December, you will have to complete your CE requirements by the end of December every two years. There are two very important parts of completing your CE. These instructions are for Pennsylvania.

Part 1

First, you need to complete 24 hours of an accredited continuing education course. Most of our Agents in PA use Noble Continuing education, they have an online option or a book you can order and complete the test. Choose LIFE AND HEALTH PKG 1, and follow the accompanying instructions. Once you have passed, move on to Part 2. 

Part 2

You have to pay the state renewal fee to complete the renewal process. After you pass your CE test, go to the NIPR site and pay the renewal fee. Once your license is approved for renewal, you will receive an email and you can print out an updated copy of your license.

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