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There are two steps to obtaining your Insurance License from the State. You have to complete and pass an online pre-licensing course, and then pass the state exam. We have streamlined this process, plus we have free weekly tutoring sessions at our Pittsburgh Office!





We are so excited to have partnered with License Coach to offer Miles Group agents an excellent online Pre-Licensing Course. Your Manager will give you a discount code so you can prepare for your State  Exam. This course has the highest passing rate, and most students finish within a week and pass on their first attempt!



At TMG are committed to agent success, and the first step is obtaining your license. We offer free supplemental tutoring classes at out Pittsburgh office every week, for anyone that may need additional help preparing for the State Exam. 


Please contact us for this week's availability!

After you pass your Pre-Licensing Test, you will need to pass your Exam in the state you reside in. There is an organization called National Insurance Producers Registry (NIPR) that provides all the information that you need for each state, including a link for finding testing locations. Once you are licensed in your resident state, you can pay a small fee to become licensed in other states through NIPR.


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